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Create & Inspire

Amplify Arts was born out of recognition of artistic talent from childhood to then commercialise a desire to provide paintings to anyone that fell in love with the art to make it their own. We’re so proud to have sold and created artwork for numerous people in various countries since 2004 and sharing the love of creation of art through our events. Furthermore Amplify Arts have recently launched developments of art coaching for the public through social and fun experience in paint and sip events. 

From 1980, Carleen Janlewicz has showed her natural aptitude in art starting with winning an art competition from the age of 5. Art then became of focus throughout her life as a basis of who she is. As her art development progressed her forte became  creating contemporary abstract art. This has been the basis of her artwork over recent years with use of mixed mediums and acrylics.


The appeal of her paintings is from seamless colour compositions, techniques in creating a timeless piece among production of commission paintings for her audiences. She indulges in solitude in her painting while creating visual balance as well as sharing love of a creative project and results with others.  

Amplify Arts has a great network of industry professionals and we would love to share their services with you. Please check out our services page to find out more or contact us.