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FAQ for Amplify Arts Commission Paintings

Commission Painting FAQ


What details are needed to order a commission painting?


The more information the better! Please have in mind your desired canvas size, colours, budget etc. Amplify Arts will email a commission questionnaire to better understand your needs. Additionally, a consultation will take place to discuss the space you would like to display the artwork, fit within your aesthetics and determine what you are looking for.


All Amplify Arts paintings are created on framed back canvas with acrylics and/or mixed mediums. Please view our gallery to gain an understanding of our style of artworks. Please contact us directly for alternative requests and or questions.


How do I order a commission piece?


Please contact us to submit your order enquiry. Amplify Arts will contact you for a phone or face to face consultation, and will request images and/or a site visit of area. The client will be required to complete a commission questionnaire.  

Once everything is mutely agreed we will provide an contract that outlines timelines, renders, use of rights of the artwork etc. Once signed, a 50% deposit will be required to be paid upfront with 3 days of agreement for the artwork to commence. If you have decided not to go ahead written notice must be given within the first 3 days to cancel the order.

The remaining 50% will need to be paid at least 14 days before completion to receive your custom painting.


How far in advance do I need to book a commission piece?


To ensure you receive your painting asap we recommend you to order your custom artwork at your earliest convenience. Please note we will discuss expected deadlines in the consultation period. 

Commission paintings will vary in completion time depending on size, quantity, prior bookings etc. 


How do I decide if ordering a commission painting is right for me?

Rest assure, our Amplify Arts artist Carleen will work with you to determine how we can best serve you needs. We consider desired space, artwork objectives and gain an understanding of what you are looking for through our commission artwork questionnaire.


We will strive to create the prefect personalised painting. (Amplify Arts can proudly state that we have not experienced a disappointed client!)

Though commission artworks are not for everyone. If you feel hesitant about the process or the commitment, there is no obligation to proceed before the painting has commenced. 


Can I select from previous paintings or can I suggest a theme to paint?


In consultation with the artist you are welcome to suggest a theme or pre-select a previous painting that you have viewed in our website that you want the style/design to be based off. Though please note that the painting will not be replicated but rather influenced in your commission piece.


Is shipping and delivery available for commission paintings? 

Amplify Arts is based in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. If shipping is required outside of this location an additional fee will be added via a supplier such as Pack N Send. Please note shipping prices can be very expensive. To help keep cost down, your commission piece can be requested to be created on loose canvas without a frame. 

Depending on the order details of the commission piece such as size, quantity etc. Amplify Arts may offer free delivery within the Gold Coast region. Delivery fees may apply for a 1-2 drive hour radius outside of the Gold Coast region. Please note delivery dates may be subjected to availability.

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