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Your Personal Information

As the user of the website, social channels and or the purchaser of any of our products and services, you agree and consent that we may collect your contact information (your name, email, telephone number and other contact details) to complete bookings, transactions, orders and as a means to communicate with you from time to time related to our services and products.


Please note that Amplify Arts does not share or sell your details with outside parties except to the extent required by law and when we engage third party service providers to provide you with related services that we offer you through our website, and or communications. Information may be shared, to provide technical support or to provide specific services to you.  These third party service providers are required to not use your personal information other than to provide the services requested by Amplify Arts.

When we collect contact details such as a email addresses it is stored in a secure area within the site database and may be used for marketing purposes such as marketing research and/or developing promotional offers and events.


Please note by being involved with Amplify Arts you, your event, guests, business and or your artwork may be recorded and promoted through our personal and or business digital platforms. 


By attending a session, you authorize and permit us to use any recordings we make, which may contain images of you, for the promotion and advertising of our business.

Credit Card Transactions

Amplify Arts website is a secure site and all credit cards are processed by a secure bank approved payment gateway.  Your credit card payments are processed securely. When you book through our website, we do not keep your credit card details and they are only passed through a secured account system and to the bank for processing a credit card payment.

Alternative Payments 

When you book, order or arrange transactions via personal contact, we will provide our bank details for direct funds transfer. 

Cash payments may be arranged in agreement with the owner and may be subjected to the type of service and or product on offer. 

Alcohol Responsibility

Please be considerate and drink responsibly. Any person deemed intoxicated and disruptive will be asked to leave the session and will be held liable for any damages to our materials. Amplify Arts does not supply or take responsibility of alcohol therefore you and or your guests are required to manage the responsibility of alcohol and or liquor licensing regulations apply at the attendance at public venues such as The Avenue. If you hire a licensed bartender for your private event, they will abide by the Australian liquor license regulations.

Refund & Returns

Amplify Arts abides by the Australian Consumer Law for consumer rights.


All paintings are carefully packed to ensure optimum condition when shipped or delivered. If by any chance there is damage to the item when received we will either attempt to fix the problem and or refund the purchase on the return of the painting. Cost of return shipping fees will be determined by location and paid by buyer or supplier such as Pack N Send. If you are picking up the item you can request for the painting to be wrapped.

Please select carefully as consumer guarantees do not apply if you got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it. Due to limited stock exchanges are unfortunately not available at this time.

Hand-painted and design custom sign-writing 

Due to this type of service of artistic, hand painted sign applied to your desired surface is considered a non-refundable fee because of its application. If you are unsatisfied, we will complimentarily recreate the artwork, though some conditions apply (such as surface material, agreement etc.) Please note a complementary render is valid for one application, additional recreations and or applications may incur fees.

A consultation and approval process will take place to ensure the buyer is happy to proceed with the creation of the art before application onto physical surfaces.

Depending on the surface artwork may or may not be difficult to remove therefore a confirmed decision process must be made before commencement. If there are any issues etc. please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Cancellations & Rescheduling Paint & Sip Events and Custom Commission Paintings 

Please refer to our policies found on the FAQ page

Custom Commission Painting orders will be provided a contract.

Face Painting Conditions

All children, guests, performers etc. must advise artist of any skin conditions, allergies, infections etc. prior to hire and art application. Depending on the conditions face painting may not commence due to health and safety reasons.​ We will not face paint people with acne, dermatitis or other skin conditions, as there is a risk of infection, or the condition may be further exacerbated.

The person must be free from scratches and that they do not have contagious infections such as conjunctivitis, lice, cold or flu, chicken pox, C-19 etc.

Some individuals are allergic to even the most pure and nontoxic colours, if you show any signs of an allergic reaction during the painting session the session will be stopped immediately and will seek emergency medical advice. 

All face painting materials such as paints, crayons, glitters and other cosmetic preparations are deemed as safe and specifically designed for use on human skin.

Amplify Arts will only face paint children with consent and guardian supervision for over the ages of 5 to 10 years old.

​Health and safety precautions are in place, with cleaning applicators for each person and the use of single applications such as cotton swabs, disposable paper towels etc.


Disposable hand wipes and hand sanitiser will be used between clients.​

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